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  • Meta arguments

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    One fits all

    This KCard presents a useful technique for argumentation in a congruent and seemly simple way. However, it is only simple in appearance, because this technique requires extensive … more

  • Useless Details

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    Communicating nothing

    In many situations it is often useful to be able to say or write lengthy communications which purposely don't address a specific aspect. This is a classical situations for … more

  • Spontaneous Change

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    About change

    When talking about change there are always at least two points of view: the ones performing the change and the ones affected by the change. The ones performing the change are usually … more

  • Topics

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    (This will be translated soon, sorry…)

    L'objectif des topiques est de développer des éléments de discours, et à plus forte raison des arguments, concernant un … more

  • Mistakes

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    Mistakes in communication

    This KCard presents some common mistakes which are made by some of our clients during their communication activities. The important point isn't really the list which couldn' … more

  • Argumentation

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    A syllogism is a construction where some premises (usually shared by all and accepted to be true) are used to introduce a conclusion (which is new for the listeners).

    There is normally a … more

  • Arguments

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    Arguments, right or wrong

    Obviously there exist a great number of different types of arguments. The list suggested here is inspired from various readings and personal experiences and isn't meant to … more

  • Prepare action

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    Preparing the encounter

    Meeting here is to be taken in the general sense, from large meetings to one to one discussions. Normally when attending a meeting you have some objectives you'll want to … more

  • Rhetoric

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    Art of persuasion

    Rhetoric is often said to be the art of persuasion and is normally divided into distinct parts (5 parts). It is probably the oldest science of influence and persuasion and was … more

  • NLP in influence

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    NLP and influence

    NLP is often associated with influence and manipulation. This is a mistake which likely originates in the first techniques developed by NLP which were mainly oriented to change ( … more