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  • Fake insight

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    How it works

    Appearing to know about something when you don't is a useful skill in many situations, whether business related or personal. This section will overview a set of technics designed for … more

  • Modelling

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    Many of the techniques of NLP were created through a modelling process. For example, the psychotherapy aspects of NLP were created by modelling people such as Milton ERICKSON and Virginia … more

  • Meta Programs

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    Meta programs impact on behaviour. They contribute to determining in a given situation what behaviour will be adopted.

    Many meta programs tend to present a dichotomy, i.e., they offer two … more

  • State, Behaviour and internal representations

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    A person's behaviours, states and internal representations are all interlinked at any given time. For example, you can say that "behaviour = internal representations + state" (of course, … more

  • Rapport

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    Being connected

    People are said to be in rapport when they are in a privileged situation for communicating. When in this situation people just seem to be able to get their messages through to one … more

  • Cognitive Model

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    The NLP cognitive model

    We think the cognitive model is one of the most important concepts of NLP, as itself it illustrates many of the presuppositions and techniques of NLP. The NLP cognitive model … more

  • Meta Model

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    Exploring experience

    The Meta Model is a set of language patterns which is designed to challenge surface structures in order to explore deep structures and reference structures. More precisely, it … more

  • Milton Model

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    Generalisation and suggestion

    The Milton Model is a set of language patterns which allows suppressing specifics out of statements to generate permissive suggestion. The main idea about this is that … more

  • VAKO

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    Representational systems

    We experience and represent the world through our senses (modalities in NLP): Visual, Auditive, Kinaesthetic, Olfactive/Gustative (VAKO). Within each of these senses there … more

  • Presuppositions

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    Importance of veracity

    The NLP presuppositions are meant to provide a useful foundation for the different NLP techniques. They are not meant to be "true" in the absolute sense, but the idea is that … more