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  • NLP Knowledge Management

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    Knowledge Management

    Knowledge management is a wide topic. Here we are going to focus on how NLP can be used to perform the complex task of eliciting and formalising knowledge. Many techniques exist … more

  • Web or not

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    The choice ... exists

    Choosing if an application should be implemented as a web site (the client is a browser like IE or Mozilla and the server is a web server like Apache or IIS) or as a client/ … more

  • Locating components

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    Layered architectural choices allow dispatching application responsibilities according to specific criteria. In some cases though it can be confusing to dispatch between the 'application' … more

  • RLSP

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    Process complexity

    On the one hand there is software processes such as the Unified Process and on the other there are processes such as Extreme Programming. The first seem too complex and heavy … more

  • Unified processes

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    Unified Processes

    The unified process presupposes that predictions can be made with minimal effort but these can be wrong, so it is necessary to be able to adapt to change. This (reasonable … more

  • Agile processes

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    Agile methods

    The underlying philosophy of Agile methods is that prediction isn't possible (reasonably) and therefore the only way to converge is to constantly adapt the under development software … more

  • Iterative processes

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    Iterative and incremental

    Today's most advanced and efficient software development processes are iterative and incremental. These processes attempt to solve the software development issues by … more

  • Coding tips

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    Coding tips

    Here is a list of miscellaneous development tips which we find useful and for some quite original (we haven't listed the well known and spread ones). Some are language specific and some … more

  • Projection

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    Software architecture can be defined following two 'major' points of view. The two points of view are technical and functional. The idea developed here is to design the system independently … more

  • Generic axes

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    Architectural generic axes

    When designing and thinking about software architecture there are four dimensions along which a decision must be made. These are called the architecture generic definition … more