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  • Enterprise Information Systems

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    Understanding Enterprise Information Systems (ERP, PLM, IS, …)

    In the course of their work the GHR Consortium have come to gain in depth insight into the area of Enterprise Information … more

  • The more reflex

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    The more reflex

    It seems to be a common reflex in many situations where something isn't satisfactory to try to figure out what needs doing to make things work better. While it isn't surprising that … more

  • Signs of time

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    Signs of time

    Sometimes in everyday life we get struck by an observation. In fact, what we're interested in here are those observations which become so recurrent that they don't really strike you … more

  • Personal WorldView

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    Collective and individual vision

    As members of the same societies we all share some values (and beliefs, concepts, ...). This is why in many cases we have similar approaches to different situations, … more

  • From knowledge to creativity

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    Value of knowledge

    Many people still focus a lot on the value of knowledge. Although this is still mostly valid thinking, it is interesting to note that knowledge is becoming more and more … more