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  • Competitive advantage

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    Competitive advantage

    Having competitive advantage is the fact of having a clearly noticeable advantage over competitors for a long enough period of time. It must be measurable by the clients and … more

  • Standard strategy

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    A strategy is meant to provide guidance for the decisions to be made in a company (at all levels is best). It should provide an overall goal to achieve and some orientations to achieve them. … more

  • Activity evaluation

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    Orienting efforts

    A first step in deciding on strategy is to decide what the objective is. In other words a strategy to do what. A good start to this is deciding for a given activity (this is also … more

  • Business modelling

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    Points of views

    When studying a business it is necessary to analyse it under different perspectives. This provides a methodical approach which by being applied systematically avoids missing 'obvious' … more

  • Selling Miscellaneous

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    Selling strategies

    Selling strategies include an important variety of aspects which make them complex and challenging to elaborate. The different dimensions of a selling strategy range from the … more

  • Marketing plan

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    Marketing generally speaking is the global act of selling your product or service. This is what we are referring to here by marketing. The product definition part isn't relevant here for … more

  • Assistance

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    Assistance offers

    Whatever service or product people want they want to have it the more hassle free possible. This is simply because people want the benefits without the difficulties which can be … more

  • Business models

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    A model to make money

    Any business that plans to make money does so by applying a business model (no matter how simple this is). Business models go from the most simple to the most complex.

    The … more

  • Meta strategy

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    A method to define a strategy

    When working with our clients we often revolve around the following notions in order to define their strategy. It is important to note that these are not sequential, … more