Marketing plan

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Marketing generally speaking is the global act of selling your product or service. This is what we are referring to here by marketing. The product definition part isn't relevant here for example, neither the specifics about advertising.

In order to sell a product you need a marketing plan. There exists many different marketing plans and in this text we're going to outline a very common one which is broadly used for many different purposes, going from political campaigns to cosmetic marketing.

Generic plan outline

This plan is composed of the following elements which makes it quite adaptable to many situations:

  • State that the current situation isn't satisfactory (taxes should be lower, skin should be smoother, car should be safer, ...)
  • State that your product/service/self has enabled many people get what they want and improve this situation
  • State that there's nothing to loose accepting your proposal and all to loose refusing (the product/service)
  • State that people will like you better after accepting (if relevant)
  • State there's a solution (payback garantee, referendum, ...) if ever they weren't fully satisfied


This plan can serve as a basis and be adapted to many situations. It can be used on many levels, like in face to face selling or in setting up long term advertising campaigns.

It can be recognised in many occasions. Most politicians make intensive use of it and this explains why they spend so much time denigrating the current situation (especially when they are in the opposition).

Once aware of this plan it is likely you'll recognise its use very often, in TV adverts, in selling processes, in debates.