Personal WorldView

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Collective and individual vision

As members of the same societies we all share some values (and beliefs, concepts, ...). This is why in many cases we have similar approaches to different situations, like solving problems. These values will mostly be considered 'right and good' and will be easily referred to and discussed.
On the other hand, as individuals, we all have some very personal (maybe subjective) beliefs, which can be quite different to our social positions. Some of these might even be at the limit of acceptability regarding the society (for example sexism, elitism, ...).

So what?

A good way to make a difference is to avoid dismissing your personal values and to rather build your strategy (whatever for) using them (in addition to other elements). Of course, if you are wrong this will lead to poor results, but this in turn should lead you to improve your perspective, which in the long run will be a good thing.

The sum of a "person's social" values and his "personal values" is what we call his world view.