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Importance of veracity

The NLP presuppositions are meant to provide a useful foundation for the different NLP techniques. They are not meant to be "true" in the absolute sense, but the idea is that by doing as though they were you will increase your resourcefulness in many situations.

The main NLP presuppositions are:

  • Positive intentions (people always have a positive intention motivating their behaviour)
  • The map is not the territory (everyone has a different vision of a situation)
  • Mind is systemic (you can't isolate the present limited context, the full picture will always have weight)
  • Required variability (if what you're doing doesn't work try something else)
  • Available resources (people already have the resources required for what they want)
  • The meaning of a communication is the response you get (you get what you asked for)

Understanding people

The above presuppositions are quite useful in trying to understand people's behaviour. They give a very open minded approach and have proven efficient in therapy for example.

An interesting effect of adopting these presuppositions is that you personally take responsibility for any difficulties that might arise in your relations. For example, if people don't understand you, try changing what you're saying.